Double Rescue


„Impressionism, modernism, hints of stride piano, intense swing and atmospheric sound scapes…“
BR Klassik

„The tracks of this record blur the lines between Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Music. The debut album ‘Double Rescue’ consists of eleven arrangements and combinations, that are full of surprises even after repeated listening.“

Their repertoire consists almost exclusively of original adaptions and compositions with plenty of room for improvisation. The two pianists are mainly navigating new and untouched ground, yet they make time to re-create Caravan as a post-minimalist jigsaw-puzzle or Take Five as deconstructed ballad.


Alexander Wienand

Alexander Wienand (born 1982) is a pianist-composer, who has been drawing from the worlds of Jazz and Classical alike from the start. Therefore you will find him perform as well at jazz festivals like the Cologne Jazz Night, the Jazz Ahead Bremen as on stages associated with the European Classical Music like the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Philharmonic Hall Berlin, Klaviersommer Bad Kissingen or Musikfest Stuttgart. Wienand began is studies as a classical concert pianist under the direction of Marianne Bender (Calw), Prof. Friedemann Rieger (Stuttgart) and Klaus Eidmann (Detmold).

Later he enrolled at the Conservatory of Würzburg and graduated both from the Classical (performance and pedagogy – class of Eva May) and the Jazz Program (class of Tine Schneider). He also attended masterclasses of the likes of Jacky Terrasson, Misha Mengelberg, Barry Harris, Hubert Nuss, Begona Uriarte, Karl Hermann Mrongovius und André Marchand. Wienand lives in Berlin, Germany, performing, composing as well as teaching piano, theory and solfège.

Marco Netzbandt

Marco Netzband is a jazz pianist, arranger, composer and piano instructor. He attended the Hermann-Zilcher-Conservatory of Würzburg studying jazz piano with Chris Beier and classical piano with Eva-Maria May. He is awardee of the the XXI. International Jazz Contest Cracow and finalist of the International Contest for Composition and Big Band Arranging SCRIVERE IN JAZZ (Sardinia). He wrote Arrangements and compositions for Ron Spielman, Hans-Peter Salentin, Tine Schneider, Piano Duo Kutrowatz, Anna Scheps and many more. 2012 he was awarded the Kulturförderpreis of the City of Würzburg for is artistic and pedagogical achievements.

As a member of contemporary jazz ensembles like the Joe Krieg Quartett he is performing at prestigious jazz venues across Germany. His pedagogical work includes many years of adjunct professorships at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt as well as the Hermann-Zilcher-Conservatory Würzburg teaching jazz piano, arranging, leading big bands, solfège and harmony.


teaser piano duo

teaser piano duo + string quartet